Day of Ashura,Imam Hussain,Shia Muslim

Ashura-Shia-Imam Hussain-Karbala

Day of Ashura,Imam Hussain,Shia Muslim

Ashura-Shia-Imam Hussain-Karbala

Day of Ashura,Imam Hussain,Shia Muslim

He was not an ordinary man
His name was Hussain

He is the son of Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib, 1st Shia Imam

He stood up against oppressors and he is a role model for freemen in the world
in sacrifice, freedom, liberty and resistance

We call him Imam, Imam means leader and rector

۷۴ مطلب با کلمه‌ی کلیدی «imam_hussain» ثبت شده است

Imam Hussain (PBUH): 

"Beware that the people’s need of you, are the God’s gifts to you. Thus do not become tired of these gifts"

Bihar al-Anvar, vol.74, p.205

امام حسین علیه السلام:

 اعلموا ان حوائج الناس الیکم من نعم الله. علیکم فلاتمولوا النعم  

بدانید که نیاز مردم به شما از نعمت هاى خدا بر شما است ؛ از این نعمت ها افسرده و بیزار نباشید

(بحار الانوار، ج 74، صفحه 205)

ٌWho is Imam Hussain?

Imam Hussain was the prophet Muhammad’s grandson and the third Shia Imam who was killed and beheaded along with all 72 of his companions on the day of Ashura at Karbala. He sacrificed all he had to survive the humanity from utter distortions

۱ Comment موافقین ۲ مخالفین ۰ ۲۶ آذر ۹۶ ، ۱۵:۵۳

اهدای خون در روز عاشورا به جای قمه زنی.

 امام حسین و عاشورای واقعی را به جهان معرفی کنیم. 

کمپین اهدای خون شیعه

Shia blood donors

۲ Comment موافقین ۲ مخالفین ۰ ۰۸ مهر ۹۶ ، ۲۰:۵۵

۰ Comment موافقین ۱ مخالفین ۰ ۰۸ مهر ۹۶ ، ۲۰:۴۰

۰ Comment موافقین ۰ مخالفین ۰ ۰۸ مهر ۹۶ ، ۲۰:۳۵

Tatbir is one of the wrong doings. I know some will say: “It would have been proper if he had not talked about Tatbir.” They will say: “What do you have to do with Tatbir? Some people practice it, let them do so!” No! One cannot remain silent towards such a wrong action.

It is wrong that some people hold daggers and hit themselves on the head to bleed. What are they seeking?! How can this be an act of mourning?! Of course hitting on the head with one’s hands is a sign of mourning. You have seen it several times that when people face suffering, they hit on their chests and heads. This is a typical symbol of mourning. But where have you ever seen a person who is suffering from the loss of a dear one, hit on their head with a dagger and make it bleed?! How can this be a form of mourning?

Tatbir [Qame Zani] is a fabricated tradition. It is among the issues that does not belong to the religion and undoubtedly God is not also pleased with such a practice.

The more I thought about it, the more truly I realized I cannot overlook informing our dear people about Tatbir- which is certainly an act of wrongdoing and a heresy. Do not practice it! I do not approve of it. If someone does something to pretend that they want to practice Tatbir, I will be truly dissatisfied with them. I am declaring this solemnly.

The Leader of Islamic Ummah and Oppressed People Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei, June 07, 1994

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Hussain (PBUH) in the Bible


Who is “stronger” than John the Baptist?

The holy books of Abrahamic faiths are God’s guidelines for nations. The divine call of these powerful words, has passed the limits of time and space and will forever last. In this article we will analyze parts of Torah and bible in which various predictions exist and the secrets of which will only be revealed through the passing of time or the detailed analyzation of words and phrases.

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۲ Comment موافقین ۰ مخالفین ۰ ۰۲ مهر ۹۶ ، ۱۴:۱۶

Imam Hussain (as)--the man who resisted, on his own, a world of opposition and a large population of wolf-likes and feared not a bit--was so moved in the face of emotional issues in a manner that would amaze us.

For instance, when John, the Ethiopian companion of Imam Hussain (as) was wounded during the battle and collapsed, Imam rushed to him. This brave African man was one of the sincerest adherents of the Ahlul Bayt, so he joined the companions of Imam Hussain (as). He might have been considered a very typical person in terms of his financial and social status, particularly among Arabs of that time, and not one of these well-known individuals.

Imam (as) rushed to him and sat by his side, in his time of need. John had no acquaintances, no children. No one was awaiting him, he had no one to weep and mourn over him. Hussain Ibn Ali (as) was so moved by John’s martyrdom, in the same manner he was moved by the martyrdom of his son, Ali Akbar. He sat by him. Imam held John’s head—covered in blood—on his lap, but his heart wouldn’t sooth. Then everyone saw Imam Hussain (as) holding John’s face to his own face.
During the battle of Karbala many warriors were martyred. Great figures of Kufa like Habib Ibn Madhahir, Zuhair Ib Yaqin, others who were among the noble and well-known men of Kufa were martyred while supporting Imam Hussain (as). However, Imam Hussain (as) did not react to the martyrdom of these outstanding figures of Kufa, not even Habib Ibn Madhahir or Moslim Ibn Awsaja, the way he reacted to the martyrdom of his courageous African companion, John.

~Ayatollah Khamenei, October 12, 1984

۰ Comment موافقین ۰ مخالفین ۰ ۰۲ مهر ۹۶ ، ۱۴:۱۰

۰ Comment موافقین ۰ مخالفین ۰ ۰۱ مهر ۹۶ ، ۱۴:۰۶

۰ Comment موافقین ۰ مخالفین ۰ ۰۱ مهر ۹۶ ، ۱۳:۴۲

۰ Comment موافقین ۰ مخالفین ۰ ۰۱ مهر ۹۶ ، ۱۳:۱۹